Recently I did a cool shoot for Stanford Downey Architects at Hard Candy, Madonna’s fitness club.  Something I liked right away was the Wall Yoga room. I met with Lori Kirwan who demonstrated how Wall Yoga is done.  Here she is below, hanging from the Wall like a ship’s figurehead.
_DSC0310This next shot is the entrance into the Wall Yoga room.  The mural was created for the club by artist Mr.Brainwash
_DSC0337Working out under the stern eyes of a Pop Goddess.


This group of shots give us the scope and size of the club.

Madonna 5_DSC0470-2_DSC0426-2
As you can see this is a huge club with many different workout machines.

_DSC0447_DSC9883I thought the lighting in this Spinning Room was quite dramatic.  I just used available light and bracketed and then used the overlay technique.  It’s a combination of 4 shots.

_DSC9907I had fun shooting Hard Candy Fitness.  I hope you enjoyed seeing these shots.  Feel free to leave me some comments.