On this shoot for VICWEST I shot some of their cool metal roofing installations. It was in post production that these shots really came to life for me.  Specifically by cropping them.  As you can see here.

_DSC5712_DSC5704 copy

Cropping a shot, sometimes even just slightly, can make all the difference.  These two below are a good example.

_DSC5699_DSC5699 copy

In the second shot below you can pick up much more detail so it tells the story better.

_DSC6216 copy_DSC6269 copy

The next shot isn’t bad but the client wasn’t interested in seeing the shingle roof since it’s not  their product.  The focus is on the metal roof in the second shot.  


The pan cropping of the one below is quite effective.


It was a beautiful Fall day and the light was quite good so I couldn’t help taking some personal shots along the way. The tighter shot of the house with the silos in the background feels more dynamic.

_DSC5783_DSC5783 crop

The next shot is a bit of a cliche countryside image.  But I think the cropped one takes it up a notch.  Also, notice that I added in a second plant in the foreground to mirror the silos in the distance.

_DSC5751_DSC5751 crop

A somewhat banal country road image looks quite a bit more interesting after cropping.  Again the pan framing works well.

_DSC5816_DSC5816 crop

But back to the assignment.  Here are some more roofing examples.


I quite like this “cottage” with the red metal roof.

_DSC6013-2 copy_DSC6026_DSC6026 crop

_DSC6021_DSC6021 crop

I hope you liked this post and how simple cropping helps to focus the viewer’s attention.  Feel free to leave a comment up at the top of the post.