This post is a bit of departure since I mostly blog about shooting Architecture but why not switch it up once in while.  I was shooting in Holland a while ago and I came across this couple on the bench.  Something dramatic was going on.  I took some shots of them and I kept wondering what their story was.  It gave me the inspiration to do a series of “Intimacy” themed shots.Dutch Couple

When I got back to Toronto I started roaming the streets looking for some interesting opportunities to capture intimate moments between people like the one below.Chinese Couple

The thing about street shooting is that you have to be fast.  Set your camera to shutter priority – 1/250 sec and of course use a long lens.  Then keep your eyes open for a potential “story”.  I like it when the story is not straight forward like this one below.  Why is she looking off while he seems so intent on her.  Is he proposing?The Promise

I love the way the people in this next one are so full of love for the child in the stroller.Escalator Boy

In the one below I wonder if the young father didn’t get much sleep the night before.  What do you think?Father & Son

This shot of the woman in the fountain is interesting to me.  If you look carefully you can see a guy with a camera on the right side of frame.  He appears to be taking a picture of the woman.  Does she know him?  Is that why she’s laughing?Fountain Spray

I just love the expression on the woman’s face here.  What is he saying to her?  Let me know what you think.The Truth

This moment catching the people texting is intriguing to me. They’re having a lot of fun.LOL Text

I met this couple down at the Polson Pier and they were up for me taking some shots.  The woman looks quite protective of the guy.  Her eyes convey a certain wariness.  I wonder what celebration the henna on her hand is for?  The shot didn’t work in B&W so it’s the only one I kept in color.Indian Couple

I hope you like these. Please let me know if they resonate with you.  Till the next post!